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Dismals Canyon Daytrip

If you find yourself bored on a weekend, you might consider checking out Dismals Canyon in Franklin County, Alabama. During the day if offers hiking through some of the most interesting terrain in Alabama, including two waterfalls, and at night you can view the famed Dismalites, which are biolumenescent creatures only found in a few places on the whole earth. The Dismalites are actually the larval stage of the Fungus Gnat, but you get the point, they glow in the dark. The park's website is fairly explanatory, and their directions are spot on, so go check it out at, or scroll on down for some pictures I took.

Rainbow Falls

Secret Falls

Look at that rock color!

My Chihuahua Scipio isn't normally my trail companion, as he is a tad puny, but this trip was just the right size for him.

Ferns on a rock

Dismals Creek

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