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Alabama Waterfalls

Note: My Updated Alabama Waterfall Report is being posted here.


DeSoto State Park - Six Waterfalls, One Day.
Dismals Canyon - Two Waterfalls, One Canyon, and Thousands of Glowing Bugs

Photographs present:

DeSoto State Park/Little River Canyon:
DeSoto Falls - DeSoto State Park **Must See**
Azalea Cascades - DeSoto State Park
Laurel Falls - DeSoto State Park
Lost Falls - DeSoto State Park
Indian Falls - DeSoto State Park
Lodge Falls - DeSoto State Park
Little River Falls **Must See**
Grace's High Falls
Johnnies Creek Falls
Greggs Two Falls

Bankhead National Forest/Sipsey Wilderness:
Upper Caney Falls **Must See**
Eagle Creek Falls
Sougahoagdee Falls
Kinlock Falls
Auburn Falls
Fall Creek Falls

Talladega National Forest:
Salt Creek Falls - Talladega National Forest
High Falls - Talladega National Forest
Devil's Den Falls - Talladega National Forest

Cheaha Falls - Talladega National Forest

Elsewhere in the state:
Noccalula Falls **Must See**
Peavine Falls
High Falls - DaKalb County
Rainbow Falls - Dismals Canyon
Secret Falls - Dismals Canyon
Nectar Falls
Longwood Falls **Artificial**

Unphotographed falls by Location:
Bankhead National Forest
Sipsey Wilderness - Bankhead National Forest
Talladega National Forest
Others - North of Birmingham
Others - South of Birmingham