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Upper Caney Creek Falls

Rating: 5/5
Confirmation: Visual/Personal Photograph
State: AL
County: Winston
General Location: Bankhead National Forest
Lat/Long: 34 14.736N 087 25.975W (Falls), 34 14.119N 087 29.047W (Parking)
Google Map Link: Map for Parking
Topographical Map Link: none
Description/Notes: I think this falls is the most beautiful in Alabama. It is nestled at the head of a rocky chasm containing Caney Creek and both Upper and Lower Caney Falls. The color of the water and surrounding vegetation is a lush green at times during the year, but will never disappoint. It can be tricky to find, but these directions should get you there. From Double Springs, proceed north/west on AL-195 (toward Haleyville/Russellville) until you encounter County Route 2, which is a right, with an electric substation on the left. Head down CR 2 until you encounter a well used parking turnoff directly before a gate on an old logging road. There are multiple roads with gates along the road, but this one stands out, and is directly accross from a mailbox and a house. You'll know you're on the right gravel road when after walking a few feet you encounter a bent gate sticking into the air. If you can't find it, the GPS coords and map link above will help. You are currently on private property, so be courteous and leave if asked, the falls themselves are on BNF property, and you can even camp overnight. The gravel road will end in a somewhat cleared area, and if you look, you will find a path leading downhill that keeps getting steeper. Follow it downhill, and try to follow the trace in the pine needles to the proper path down to the falls. Be careful, the area is VERY steep. Downstream about 15-30 minutes is the lower falls. The far side of Caney Creek is apparently the way to get there, crossing over to the other side at the bend. I've never been there, as I went on the wrong side and ecountered tons of deadfall. Featured in the book "Alabama's Canyons" which is THE authority on the Sipsey Wilderness area, which is just north of the falls.

Additional Images:

Upper Caney Falls is actually a twin waterfall, but the side fall is mostly seasonal, here is a submitted shot of it flowing:

Photo courtesy of and © Paul Dobbs

Unless otherwise noted all images © Joshua Szulecki.