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        Welcome to my Alabama and Maryland (currently) waterfall guide. I started looking for waterfalls as a way to release stress as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland. That's right, there are waterfalls in Maryland. When I moved to Alabama, I discovered that there were literally dozens of waterfalls in Alabama, but information regarding how to find them, and in many cases, there very existance was hard to come by. This site is a place where you can come to find information about the lesser known waterfalls, as well as the well known falls, in states not traditionally known for their waterfalls. Information will be posted as it is gathered. This will not be a site for detailed hiking instructions, that is half the fun, and I'm certainly not going to spoil it for you unless you'd never find it.. There are a number of fine publications that you will be referred to should you require such information, if it even exists. Most importantly, always feel free to submit auggestions for inclusion in the waterfall guide, especially hidden falls. For more information about submitting a waterfall, click on submit in the navigation bar.