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DeSoto State Park

Davis Falls:
Location: Aldrich, AL
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: USGS, Old Photo
Description: A lost falls now on private logging property.

Weaver Falls:
Location: Aldrich, AL
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: USGS only
Description: Private logging property.

Small falls on Corn Creek :
Location: Wetumpka, AL
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Blog Photo
Description: Unknown

Wetumpka Falls:
Location:Wetumpka, AL
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: USGS, Photo
Description: Dry weather feature??? on river in Wetumpka.

Satan's Garden/Great Falls:
Location:Lee County, AL
Lat/Long: 32.5089 -85.1842
Confirmation: USGS, Photo
Description: Decent sized falls accross Little Uchee Creek, wider rather than tall.

Hidden Falls:
Location: Haleburg, Alabama
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Photograph and USGS
Description: This waterfall may be Alabama's only waterfall below the fall line. It is also closed to public use do to public abuse of the property. Thanks inconsiderate people!!! Do not seek out the falls, it is fenced, and trespassers will be prosecuted!!! Locals will call the cops if you are caught parking there!!!

Chewlacla Falls:
Location: Chewlacla State Park
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Website
Description: Artificial Dam