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Other Falls North of Birmingham

Ragsdale Falls:
Location: Arab, AL
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: USGS, Blog Photo
Description: ???

Gulf Creek Falls:
Location: Chandler Mountain
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Photo by Janet Calhoun

Description: ???

Unnamed Falls (Morgan County):
Location: Morgan County, AL
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: USGS Only
Description: ???

Falls in Dismals Canyon (Rainbow?):
Location: Dismals Canyon
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Dismal Canyon Website
Description: Inside Dismals Canyon, home of the glow in the dark Dismalites.

Thompson Falls:
Location: Arab, Alabama
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: USGS Only
Description: On private property.

Ghost Creek Falls:
Location: Near Lake Guntersville
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Owner
Description: On private property, well manicured and complete with natural arch.

Unnamed Cascade on AL227:
Location: AL 227 North of Geraldine
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Visual
Description: I noticed it on the way to High Falls in DeKalb County. The same creek that feeds High Falls has this cascade upsteam of the falls, and one below as well.

Unnamed Cascade on AL68:
Location: AL-68 Near Guntersville
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Visual
Description: Downhill stretch near reservoir. Seasonal?

Nectar Falls:
Location: Nectar, AL
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Visual
Description: unknown

Escarpment Falls:
Location: Hartselle, AL
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Photograph/User Submission
Description: Somewhere around Harris and Elrod streets, probably on private property. Requires a heavy rain a few days before.

Cinderella Falls:
Location: Blount Springs, AL
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Google Image Search
Description: A series of short cascades, rather scenic, located on property that is part of The Village at Blount Springs, a private gated community. Their website is, and maybe if you are really nice they might let you in. I've never tried. The professional photographer Jeff Rease ( tipped me off to it and has some pictures of it on his website.

Yellow Creek Falls:
Location: End of Little River Canyon in Lake Weiss area
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Book
Description: Only visable from accross the lake or via boat due to location on private property. Apparently fairly impressive.

Creek House Falls:
Location: Near Guntersville
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Photo
Description: Small

Mardis Mill Falls:
Location: Near Blountsville
Lat/Long: ???
Confirmation: Photo
Description: Moderately wide, 15 foot drop on a creek feeding the Mulberry Fork.

Here are my directions:
1) Get yourself to Blountsville by any means.
2) Locate the intersection of C.R. 26 and U.S. 231 in Blountsville.
There is an auto repair place on the south-west side of the
3) Proceed south (probably right for most people) on U.S. 231 less
than five miles. If you hit AL-79, you have gone to far.
4) About 1/2 miles BEFORE AL-79 you will pass an yellow intersection
+ sign. Slow down and take a look. Is it missing a road name marker
on both sides? If yes, then it is Mardis Mill Rd. For further
confirmation, there is currently a white sign advertising the sale
of Angel's Trumpet at the intersection. Turn left onto Mardis Mill
5) You will cross AL-79, but go straight and stay on Mardis Mill Rd.
Check mailboxes to verify you are on the correct road. You should
pass at least one pond after the AL-79 intersection.
6) You will encounter a concrete bridge over a creek. It looks
crummy. It probably is. Look to your right, and you should locate
the drop of the falls.
7) Parking appears to be in the rocky area to the left, after the
bridge. The trail to the falls is immediately oppose the rocky area.

I did NOT get a photograph of the falls because:
1) The falls is most definately on private property.
2) The property owner or an adjacent property owner had cut and was
burning brush, presumably for construction. With the dry weather, I
decided that parking my car near, or worse, going down a narrow path
near an open flame was probably not the safest course of action. I
wish people wouldn't open burn when the weather is so dry, if at
3) The sun was backlighting the falls, so it would have been
impossible to get a decent shot. This is a very early morning or
afternoon falls because of the angle of the falls. No mid-morning
shooting, as far as I can tell.

If anybody gets a shot they'd be willing to share, I'd put it up.